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Steampro-Condensate Removal Device (SP-CRD)

steampro condensate removal device A steam trap is an essential part of any steam/boiler system commonly found in any manufacturing facilities that uses heat energy in its manufacturing processes. It is the important link between good steam and condensate management, retaining steam within the process for maximum utilisation of heat, but removing condensate and incondensable gases at the appropriate time. No steam system is complete without that crucial component of the steam trap.

SP-CRD’s primary function is the immediate, continuous and complete removal of condensate as soon as it is formed, keeping steam losses at a minimum.  It has an orifice or nozzle that is completely tailored to your needs.


  • Is an energy saving device;
  • Reduces boiler fuel costs;
  • Saves steam, water and water treatment chemicals;
  • Has no moving parts to maintain;
  • Are constructed from stainless steel and carbon steel;
  • No steam trap replacements and spare parts are required for extended period.

Steampro-Condensate Recovery Unit (SP-CRU)

Steampro Condensate Recovery UnitCRU-graph

The SP-CRU high pressure in the condensate return system reduces flash steam. SP-CRU has been designed to operate efficiently at high pressures and temperatures.

The SP-CRU is a closed vessel system that collect condensate from steam line and pump much higher condensate temperature back to the boiler directly so that the boilers don’t have to work as hard, resulting in fuel savings. SP-CRU recovers condensate at a much higher temperature condensate than the usual pump in the market.